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You never were a beauty queen
Who dreamed she'd hit the silver screen
But Mr. Greenfeld paid you good
Where are you, Bambi Woods?

You looked around the cowboy town
And put your hat and pom-poms down
You had your share of Hollywood
Where are you, Bambi Woods?

No, Dallas ain't a place to live
And let alone a place to raise a kid
So fuck your old neighborhood

Where are you, Bambi Woods?

Now even if you blondes have more fun
You're also some kind of joke
But you don't seem that dumb to me
Did you know that Marilyn once spoke:

"A smart girl leaves before she is left"

Are you alive in NYC?
Cause others say that you OD'ed
Either way you're gone for good
God bless you, Bambi Woods


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